Wedding Dress Styles: Find a Style That Looks Great On You

It’s difficult for all brides to look the same, because there are so many different wedding dress styles for them to choose from. A bride’s wedding day look will be created by picking out a wedding dress with both a silhouette and neckline that flatters her figure. Wedding dress styles come in a number of combinations of silhouettes matched with necklines. This means that a bride with almost any type of body shape will be able to find a dress that looks good on her.

Let’s start by looking at the most common silhouettes. Wedding dress styles usually fall into these five categories.

A-Line Dress
Also known as the Princess dress, this is one of the most popular traditional wedding dress styles. The waist is defined with a fitted bodice and the rest of the dress flows out, usually to the ground. This simple silhouette looks good on almost any figure.

Empire Dress
The thing that defines an empire dress is its high waistline which is located right under the bust. The bottom half of the dress can either be a-line or something much more fitted. It is recommended for a petite bride, because it gives the illusion of an elongated body or for a bride who would rather cover up than define her waist.

Ball Gown Dress
This type of traditional wedding dress has a fitted bodice and a very full skirt that is typically floor length. Brides with pear shaped bodies should choose this style to define the waist and hide their curvier bottom.

Sheath Dress
This narrow shaped dress hugs and shows off every curve. It looks great long or short, and is perfect for a bride who is well proportioned and likes to show off her feminine figure.

Mermaid Dress
This type of wedding dress is also narrow and form fitting, but flares out below the knee. It accentuates a woman’s hips so a bride who chooses this type of dress has to be very comfortable with her curves.

Now we look at some of the common necklines. Wedding dress styles can be broken down into the following:

A classic neckline for a traditional wedding dress where straps are in place on either side of the shoulder, holding up the dress. It looks good with almost any body shape.

This type of dress exposes all of the shoulders and arm without any straps to hold the dress up. It’s a good look for bustier women and women with beautiful collarbones or shoulders.

The shape of this neckline looks like the top of a heart, it can either be worn with or without straps. It’s a very feminine look, drawing attention to the chest and elongates the neck.

This type of neckline has straps, but instead of being on the sides of the shoulder, they are wrapped and tied in the back. It’s an excellent choice for women with slightly broader shoulders.

Like the name implies, the neckline here is shaped to resemble the letter V, showing off a bit of cleavage in the front. Women who aren’t afraid to be a little revealing should try this neckline.

Examples of the Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

Women are always been fond of talking about the latest fashion trend, especially on wedding dresses. In this way, they can greatly imagine how they wish to appear when the day comes for their wedding event. The most popular choice among brides is the Grecian dress. It shows elegance along with its flowing style that is so feminine and draping details, making it very unique among other dresses. This wedding dress is often one-shouldered and designed with plaited or gold ornaments. When you wear the Grecian wedding dress, you can imagine yourself as a Greek goddess. So, it is also advisable to opt for a braid across your head of wavy hair. You might as well include some arm bangle or golden flat sandals.

If you do not prefer to look like a Greek goddess, then why not try to look like a princess. A princess dress basically is the favorite among girly brides who wish to make a remarkable fashion statement on their big day. This style has full, floor-length skirts, and a tight bodice. You can complete your princess look by having a tiara and your hair in a bun, or you can also opt for a glass shoes.

Speaking of princess wedding dresses, as you may have imagined a Cinderella-like bride, you can also opt to be Ariel-like bride. Although many women are not impressed with this style because it makes them look like a penguin with their fit tight together, this however does not restrict your walking. A mermaid wedding dress is not as tight from the knee down and can have a contrasting fabric such as lace. This is especially applicable below the knee or embellishment to create distinction on the shape of the dress. This dress style creates an enviable shape as the bodice is often fitted to emphasize the flared hem line.

Every year, wedding dress styles continues to evolve, creating different kinds of it and allows women to create among varied styles. A wedding dress may also come in different colors besides the traditional ones like white, ivory, and cream. The most popular colors for weddings include purple, red, and navy blue and some brides choose to have a contrasting color for the underskirt or train only.

If you want to be classy and elegant during your wedding day, why not try the vintage wedding dress style? This can capture the image of flashback where grace and sophistication were obligatory. This can also add a touch of refinement to your wedding, especially if you have it fashioned during the eras of early 20th century. The classic features include lace, beading and embellishment, and fringing. Adding more tot this, you can go further and add some headdresses, gloves, and a vintage brooch to your vintage theme.